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For 11 Years, The Must-Attend E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Event in the Region!

The 11th annual edition of GPeC will be simply WOW! From April till November 2016 you will be in for 8 months of premium e-commerce events: GPeC Summit International E-Commerce Conference, Highly-Applicable Workshops, E-Commerce Expo, Intensive E-Commerce Trainings, GPeC E-Commerce Summer School, Online Shops Competition and the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala! #GPeC11.

For 11 years, GPeC has been writing together with YOU the history of Romanian E-Commerce. We focus on bringing the entire e-commerce in one place and on creating really amazing experiences, not just events. And we do this side by side with you. You are part of GPeC!

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Mind-blowing referrences about the GPeC events

    Neil Patel CrazyEggivan-mazourSimo-AhavaChris Goward WiderFunnelBryan EisenbergCatalin Cretu Visa RomaniaGeno Prussakov Affiliate MarketingAndre Morys Web ArtsJohn Ekman Conversionista!
  • Neil Patel
    Co-Founder CrazyEgg & KISSmetrics is looking forward to meeting you at GPeC Summit May 2015!
  • Ivan Mazour
    CEO & Founder Ometria is looking forward to meeting you at GPeC Summit Bucharest
  • Simo Ahava
    Senior Data Advocate Reaktor is looking forward to keynote at GPeC Summit!
  • Chris Goward
    President & Founder WiderFunnel - about his participation in GPeC Summit May 2014 and the reasons why you simply can't miss any GPeC edition
  • Bryan Eisenberg
    Conversion Optimization Expert & Best-selling Author - despre participarea la GPeC 2010 si despre GPeC Summit 2014
  • Catalin Cretu
    Visa Europe Subregional Manager Romania, Croatia, Slovenia - felicitand GPeC pentru aniversarea de 10 ani si pentru contributia constanta in ceea ce priveste cresterea pietei de e-commerce
  • Evgenii 'Geno' Prussakov
    Affiliate Marketing Expert - despre participarea la GPeC si motivele pentru care ne recomanda
  • Andre Morys
    CEO Web Arts & Organizer Conversion Summit
  • John Ekman
    Conversionista! - despre "viitoarea" lui participare la GPeC Summit din noiembrie anul trecut